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Integrative Preconception

This preconception program is designed to maximise the health of a couple before trying to conceive.  It also assists in overcoming infertility issues and/or supporting IVF and ICSI treatment.

First Consultation

During the first consultation, Elizabeth takes a detailed history of each partner, provides educational information on nutritional and hormonal health, and designs a specific and tailored dietary and supplementary regime that prepares the male and female body for implantation and conception. Consultation duration: 2.0 Hrs. Consultation Cost: $320

Second Consultation

Ideally, it is preferable for a couple to attend the second consultation together two to three weeks after the initial consultation.  This consult provides an opportunity for patients to describe any changes they've experienced, ask further questions and return with any test results they may have obtained upon Elizabeth's recommendation. Consultation duration: 1.0 Hrs. Consultation Cost: $200.

Follow-up consultations

Elizabeth will continue seeing patients monthly to track their cycle and ensure that ongoing treatment and therapy regimes are up to date to move the patient through each stage of the preconception program. Once a couple begins trying to conceive, the program will change to help stimulate follicle release, insemination and implantation of the embryo. Consultation duration (couple): 45 Mins. Consultation Cost (couple): $140. Consultation duration (single): 30 Mins. Consultation Cost (single): $110. Click here to read about our patients' experiences with the program and their journeys from infertility to parenthood.

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Christmas Break:

We will be closing from the 19th December through to the 3rd of February.

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2015 Office Hours:

Wednesday: 9am to 5pm

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*Office is open every second Saturday - please click here to view our office calendar for further information.

Elizabeth is available for both face to face consultations and long-distance Phone and Skype consultations.

To make a booking please contact the office during opening hours by phone.

You can also submit an appointment request or enquiry here or send us an sms and we will be in touch.

Elizabeth Mucci's office is located in Charing Cross, Waverley:

Shop 4, 276 Bronte rd, Waverley, NSW 2024

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Meet Elizabeth

Before seeing Elizabeth, many of our prospective clients explain the difficulties they have faced in trying to conceive a child – and many if not most clients have already sought some form of treatment, natural and/or conventional before making an appointment to see Elizabeth.  Elizabeth’s experience is largely in treating couples facing challenging infertility issues that haven’t been solved through conventional or alternative routes.  These include: recurrent miscarriages and/or stillbirths, recurrent IVF failures, irregular menstrual cycles, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, blocked fallopian tube/s, low AMH (egg reserve), low sperm quality including high DNA fragmentation, low sperm motility, high abnormal morphology and low sperm counts along with many other infertility issues.

Elizabeth Mucci

 MSc.Rep Med, BSc (Biochem. and Physiology), Adv. Dip. HMed, Adv. Dip. NSc

Elizabeth Mucci (formerly known as Elizabeth Kress) has worked in the reproductive medicine field for over 12 years.  After completing a Bachelor of Science (Physiology and Biochemistry) in 1998, Elizabeth undertook an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine and an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Science.
Elizabeth’s specialisation in reproduction and fertility began by the completion of her student clinical hours at the Jocelyn centre for Natural Fertility Management where she trained under Francesca Naish.

After practicing integrative medicine in reproduction and hormonal therapy for several years, Elizabeth returned to study through the University of New South Wales to complete a post-graduate Masters in Reproductive Medicine.

The combination of Elizabeth’s education in science, nutrition, herbal medicine and conventional medicine along with her close work with a number of conventional Fertilty Specialists in and around the Sydney region has provided her with a unique perspective on hormonal and reproductive health.

In the past Elizabeth has made appearances on Triple M’s morning breakfast show providing live on-air health tips and advice to Triple M listeners. She is also the creator of the Parenting Naturally DVD series, which was produced to help parents better understand their baby’s needs and provide step-by-step advice on common challenges these new families face.  More recently she was mentioned in My Child Magazine’s feature story on Samantha Gilbertson, a patient of Elizabeth’s who achieved a healthy and successful natural pregnancy after 12 failed IVF attempts. To read the article, click here.

In the initial stages of consultation with an individual patient or couple, Elizabeth makes a careful and rigorous assessment of each patient’s history, blood work and begins hormonal tracking in collaboration with medical specialists. In treating a patient, Elizabeth takes an evidence-based approach to the use of preconception tests, complimentary Western and Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine, sourcing specific products of a high quality for the individual’s needs.

To find out more about Elizabeth’s treatment regime’s and programs click here.

To find out how you can make an appointment, click here.

To view some of the latest blog articles on a range of male and female hormonal, reproductive and infertility issues, see our blog posts, here.